General information
Creating billing plans and products in Everon has not always been so straight forward and this was highlighted by the number of support tickets we received and by the qualitative feedback that we would get from our customers.
This is important as this is the tool for our customer to define their selling proposition on the market.
Understand the main pain points that our customers experience and the problems behind them. 
The purpose is to build a seamless flow that allows for enough flexibility while providing the needed guidance.
My process
1. Research
I reached out to the users who use this part of the product on a daily basis to better understand their struggle. 
I used three methodologies in my research: guided interviews, mirroring & journey mapping workshops.

2. Capture learnings
Based on the research done, the main pain points identified were:
> There is no clear distinction between billing plans and billing products
> There is no flexibility on how the plans & products are assigned: most of the times there are differences between deals & between countries
> There is no way to preview what the customer will see on their end
> It is difficult to manage the plans and products as there are no filters or proper search
> no promotions available

3. Jobs to be done
Based on the learning, I identified the main jobs to be done and, together with the users, product owners and stakeholders, we prioritized them (more details can be offered face to face)

4. Wireframing & conceptingBased on the research, I organized one generative workshop with all the relevant stakeholders (organized around the second diamond of the design thinking methodology) where all the participants created wireframes for the most important jobs to be done identified. 
The output was synthesizehere 

5. Wireframes & prototypes testing
Based on the workshop, the wireframes and prototypes were tested again with users & final assets were prepared. 

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