What is the problem to be solved?
Not being biased while designing is an almost impossible challenge.
By having a data-driven design culture, we are taking informed decisions driven by the behaviour of our users instead of decisions based on gut-feeling and past experiences. 
How did I implement a data-driven design culture?
The main usability pillars were identified:
1. Intuitiveness
As a user, I always know what I have to do to accomplish my task. 

2. Easy to navigate
As a user, I know at all the moments where I am in the platform and how I can find the information that I need

3. Trustworthiness
I trust that the product will behave as I expect & that I can rely on the information that I get​​​​​​​ 

4. Appearance
I am delighted by the look & feel of the product​​​​​​​

Each project implemented should have at least 1 metric that contributes to the improvement of the of at least one of the above mentioned usability pillars.
What are the data sources considered?
Google analytics, data received from support channels, data from sales, internal and external qualitative data

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