• UX/UI Designer


    Currently working
    EVBox is the leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software. Within EVBox I am driving the design process in the software team by: understanding customer needs through research, taking part in strategical decisions at product management level, defining the flows for the current solution and for the future solutions, providing support during implementation and testing the proposed solutions.
  • UX Designer


    Currently working

    Within Qelp I am responsible for UX design implementations for all of our customers by identifying the customer journey, creating wireframes, visuals and interactive prototypes.

    Tools used: Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, InVision, Axure RP 8, Principle.

    Qelp is an international product company based in Amsterdam that offers online self-service support for mobile operators.

    A few of our customers are KPN, O2, T-Mobile, Orange, Sunrise, Telekom, Vivo.

  • UX Designer Freelance


    UX/UI Design

    Currently working
    Main responsibilities: benchmarking products, research about users and creating personas, creating user flows and site maps, creating concepts (if needed), presenting user flow and information architecture via mockups and wireframes, define interactions, create UI elements and logos (if needed) My portfolio: https://www.behance.net/ancaluca-UX 
    1. Anca was an amazing designer. Communication with her has been easy from day 1. She provided me first with mockups, which I approved quite fast and then she transformed them into a beautiful design. And, to top it off, she continuously helped the developer when he needed help. I strongly recommend her for any of your design needs
      Jacques France
      Owner of Bij Landgenoten
  • Business Consultant

    Transtrack International

    Consultancy / Management

    until Feb 2016
    Main responsibilities:
    • Consultancy: gathering and clarifying business and software requirements, writing Requirements and Solution Design documents, coordinating the development of functionalities, testing
    • Account management: maintaining the relationship with clients and partners, coordinating with the development team to determine future developments based on clients’ requirements, coordinating with sales team
    Achievements: identified key areas for innovation to drive growth and business value, designing new product functionalities that brought added business value for our customers and end users
    1. Dear Sir or Madam,

      I’m pleased to give this recommendation to Anca Luca. As a project manager in Transtrack International company, I was working with Anca on several implementation projects.

      Her approach to support clients, investigate their processes and give them the trainings was highly professional. Having her in the team brought nice and comfortable atmosphere to it and I could always rely on Anca.

      Anca joined Transtrack International 1.5 years ago and she proved a lot of interest in understanding business and operational processes and translating these into great, user friendly functionalities for our product. Next to that, her customer communication skills are outstanding.

      I’m sure Anca will positively contribute to your company.

      Should you have any questions, please contact me by the details below.

      E: anna.shershneva@transtrackinternational.com

      M: +31(0) 62 11 8 3201

      Anna Shershneva
      Project Manager
  • Marketing Coordinator

    Medical PR Agency, Bucharest

    PR & Management

    until Jul 2014
    Main responsibilities: creating marketing materials, coordinate flow of information and communication and disseminate it according to plan/strategy, promote products and services through public relations initiatives, coordinating the digital part of the projects (designing cross-channel user experience, drafting the user flow, optimising the UI together with the developers and designers team, functional testing, user testing) I proudly worked for: Reckitt Benckiser, Abbott, A&D Pharma, Leo Pharma
    1. I had the pleasure of working directly with Anca Luca during her time as a Project Manager at out partner, Medical PR Agency, and her abilities never ceased to amaze me. We worked with Medical PR Agency by doing projects together for medical clients. We communicated almost on an hourly basis, therefore I fully understand her capabilities. In our collaboration, Anca was in charge of making sure that the digital part of the projects was done as best as possible. She would write briefs, specifications, create personas, write user flows, create mockups, give feedback and she would even be involved in testing. If we had a problem of some sort with what we had to do, we would talk to her. She had the patience and the people skills to make us understand and to motivate us give our best into the projects. During her time at Medical PR Agency, we had the best collaboration we could have with a partner. All the projects were delivered on time, the work environment was friendly and stressless. Sometimes some absurd client feedback would arrive and she would handle it just fine: first she assessed what the implications were, then she communicated and handled the Medical PR Team’s expectations; after that, she formed a brief and communicated with us. In a way, she handled two companies at once. With her abilities, adaptability and dedication, Anca will be of a great added value for any small or large company. I strongly recommend her.
      Daniel Enache
  • Expert in Project Management

    The Integrative Medicine Entrepreneurs, NGO

    Management & Consultancy

    until May 2013
    Main responsibilities:
    • Write grant applications for launched calls for projects,
    • Coordinate 2 European funded projects in total value of 10 million euro: monitor the activity of more than 40 experts involved in the project, plan each phase of the project, organize seminars and conferences, monitor the budget, maintain the relationship with the local authorities and international partners, manage crisis situation
    Achievements: 70% rate of approval in grant applications writing, successful closure of both projects (they were offered as an example of good practice for the whole community of european funded projects)
    1. During Octomber 2011 – May 2013, Ms. Anca Luca hold the Project Management Expert position for the projects “Multiregional network for therapy, counseling and social media reintegration for persons diagnosed with cancer” and “Regional Network for promoting and applying the concepts of social economy for the reintegration of persons with disabilities”. In that period, I was the Evaluation expert within the projects and Vice-president of the NGO and worked directly with Ms. Luca on a daily basis. Within these projects she had an important role in the management board. She successfully coordinated the experts teams involved in the projects, she accomplished and respected the deadlines and the KPIs, she was a very calm person whenever a crisis situation occurred and was always there to provide support and solutions. I consider that the greatest recommendation is the fact that she actively contributed to achieving all the projects results mentioned in the grant application – number of persons who had benefited from the social services offered within the centers of social economy, number of units of social economy, ensuring the sustainability of the projects for another 3 more years by realizing a business strategy. The projects lasted for 3 years and she was a part of the team for two years. Other qualities that made it very easy to work with her were her dedication and her attention to details: she wrote more than 30 grants applications and she treated each project as it was totally different and every client with the same interest and attention. I would recommend her for any function similar to this one with the most of trust – you will discover a reliable person.
      Sergiu Stan
      Evaluation expert
  • Project Assistant


    Consultancy / Management

    until Sep 2010
    Main responsibilities: administrative support for the international team, monitor the deadlines and budgets and report to the project manager, maintain the communication between the consultancy firm and project’s stakeholders, create technical and financial reports Achievements: all deadlines met, all audits completed with success
    1. Ms. Anca Luca was the Project Assistant for the project “Institutional Support for the Transport ISPA Implementing Agencies, ISPA/2004/RO/16/P/PA/001”. The project was conducted in Romania, within the Ministry of Transports, and was funded by the European Union under the ISPA umbrella. Ms. Anca Luca hold the position of Project Assistant for two years. I was Team Leader for this project so I worked closely with her on a daily basis. The main activity of the project was to improve and rebuild the infrastructure of the country on different regions and different sectors (rail, roads, maritime), but the project also included the preparation of a range reports and a draft legal act, all to be presented in Romanian and English. The Project Team was formed by both Romanian and international experts. She played an essential role in every aspect of the project: she was a real support for the entire team, always there when you needed her. She was very strict with the deadline compliance and always noticed me when any activity was delayed and came with a solution, whenever she had the necessary technical abilities. Also, she was the link between all the experts involved: she kept the communication with the experts, with the public authorities and with the company. Fully in charge with the progress reports and activity reports, technical and financial reports – every audit was a success. It was a pleasure to have her as a colleague. She is a very dynamic and positive person, always ready to take appropriate initiative and offer suggestions.
      Baicu Marin
      Team Leader